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Yoga Factory—formerly Bikram Yoga Annapolis, Crofton and Severna Park (BYACSP)—has been working with Jen, our owner, for over ten years now. They are one of Artivist Marketing's most tried and true clients, and while they now have quite a franchise of hot yoga studios, their beginnings were humble. The Annapolis and Crofton studios are owned by husband and wife team Philip and Emily Vendemmia. Bringing their knowledge of this life-changing practice to others has been their passion since 2007, and it has been our pleasure to help them in their efforts to spread the word!


Through the years, the BYACSP website has gone through many iterations. Recently, though, we launched the newest, most-advanced, the best version of the site ever. Click here to go to the live website for the former Bikram Yoga site.

We've also added a Teacher Training website for the newly-developed Yoga Factory. Take a look at a few screen shots, and then feel free to head over to the page to see how it works! Click here for the live website built for the Teacher Training.


Through the years print collateral material has been in high demand from the yoga studios. Here are just a few examples of the best.

Above you can see a 30" x 24" poster that was used for the 30 Day Challenge in September of 2015.

To the left, you can see the 18" x 32" poster that Artivist created for an event held by Bikram Yoga (prior to the Crofton studio's opening) in conjunction with Lululemon Studio of the Quarter.


When you have owned a business for as long as Philip and Emily have, and when you've done as many things right with it as they did, of course, they had loyal customers. But how were they going to reach the people who had no idea what Hot Yoga was? That was the question we addressed in 2013, and what we came up with is this brochure, and along with it, schedule cards.


Yoga Factory Annapolis and Crofton are exceptionally busy studios, and given that, it's no surprise that they have weekly or bi-weekly communications with their customers offering sales or even changing their class schedules. Here are a few of the most recent graphics Artivist Marketing has developed for them.

As Artivist's oldest and most consistent clients, we are sure there will be much more to show you in the future from the Vendemmias and their businesses. Check back from time to time so keep up with them!